Little Lane ELC Manly believes in the importance of a healthy, well balanced diet and the significant effect it has on the way children engage, learn and develop within their foundation years.

A healthy and nutritious diet for children ensures their cognitive and physical development is promoted.

Little Lane ELC Manly provide 50-75% of your child’s daily dietary requirements, while in our care. Our seasonal menus will allow your child will be exposed to new and fresh produce, sourced locally and cooked daily from scratch in our commercial kitchens. Our meals are well balanced, full of wholefoods and guided by the Australian Dietary Guidelines and NSW Health Initiative – Munch and Move and Get Up and Grow.

Within our learning program, children will learn the importance and relation between healthy eating and physical literacy and fundamental movement skills on a daily basis. 

0-12 months old menu

Introduction to Solids – Transitioning to Textures Menu

Our Menus cater for 0-12 month olds, where an ‘Introduction to Solids Program” is initiated upon your request when your child is ready to transition from milk to solids. We will ensure that we assist with this transition, by offering meals that introduce your baby to new flavours and textures. This menu will rotate over 2 weeks, to ensure consistency and continuity for your child’s transition to new flavours.

12 months to 6 years old menu

Our Menu also caters for children aged 12months to 6 years, that will feature a variety of proteins, vegetables, dairy, carbohydrates, fruits and essential fats. This menu is guided by Healthy Kids NSW, the Nutritional Checklist, Australian Dietary Guidelines and Caring for Children Manual from NSW Government. These menus will rotate over a 4 week cycle.

Special Dietary Requirements

Vegetarian / Vegan  Dietary, Allergies or Cultural Beliefs.

These menus rotate over a 2-week period and are guided by the needs of the child due to a specific medical intolerance, requirement or allergy. Please note we do not cater menus for children for intolerances/ allergies without a medical condition note upon enrolment or when a suspected allergy/ intolerance is confirmed.

Our cultural and religious catered menus are for children with the cultural and religious belief that certain foods are prohibited in their beliefs. This is subject to informing the Centre Director upon enrolment of these requirements.

For your attention!

Little Lane Manly refuses to eliminate foods from a child’s diet without a specified medical reason in writing from a medical practitioner.  We will not eliminate foods without a suitable substitute to ensure the children are receiving their daily dietary requirements. Where children have cultural/ religious beliefs the substitute will be provided to marry with their dietary intake requirements.

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