Our Program

Little Lane Manly provides high quality education and care Programs for children aged from 0-6 years, delivered by our highly skilled and educated early childhood educators and Teachers.

Our program and curriculum is based on the Early Year Learning Framework, The National Quality Framework and guided and inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach.

Our Programs

Language Immersion

Our language immersion program promotes literacy, vocabulary and understandings of cultural diversity.

Early Years Art Program

Our unique art curriculum allows children to explore self-expression, communication and interpretation.

Kodaly Music Program

Developing speech, vocabulary, listening and memory skills through structured and planned music lessons.


Everything that we need for our survival and wellbeing relating directly to our natural environment.


Our qualified chef is in charge of creating the most delicious menus, full of variety and multi-cultural influences from all over the world.

Natural Environment

Developing speech, vocabulary, listening and memory skills through structured and planned music lessons.

The Reggio Emilia Approach

The Reggio Emilia approach is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education. It is a pedagogy described as student-centered and constructivist that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. The program is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery through a self-guided curriculum. At its core is an assumption that children form their own personality during early years of development and are endowed with “a hundred languages”, through which they can express their ideas. The aim of the Reggio approach is to teach how to use these symbolic languages (e.g., painting, sculpting, drama) in everyday life. It was developed after World War II by pedagogist Loris Malaguzzi and parents in the villages around Reggio Emilia, Italy, and derives its name from the city.

Our early learning environments marry into our teaching approach and environments are used as the “third teacher”, as guided by Reggio Emilia. 

Our program and curriculum incorporates play based learning, teaching through provocation and inquisitive approaches and intentional teaching methods.

Children will be encouraged to participate in programs that have been specifically designed to support their learning and development needs, by educators that know them and their interests and strengths.

“Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.”

Loris Malaguzzi