A Fantastic Preschool in Manly

A safe and supportive space for your child. Little Lane Manly offers a quality preschool service to young children aged 0-6 years old. All of our highly trained carers are carefully selected to build upon our core values and philosophies. We believe in family and respect and always go above and beyond to create a safe space that helps little people to grow and thrive as they step forward into life. 

You will be more than impressed by our wide range of services and our amazing, purpose built facility. Expect plenty of naturally lit rooms and outdoor areas that encourage exploration and adventure. Contact the friendly staff at Little Lane Manly to learn more about our great services and programs.

Fairlight & Warringah Preschools

Programs that your children will love. Our many programs are fantastic for developing minds. We value the importance of the formative years and want to encourage learning in a variety of ways. The preschool services at Little Lane Manly include music and art programs, language immersions and more. We also place a great emphasis on quality nutrition and sustainability. 

The staff that we work with all value sustainability and feel that it is important to pass this onto the children that are under our care. These founding philosophies guide the work that we do on a daily basis and help children to appreciate the world from a wider perspective. 

You won’t be disappointed by our range of programs on offer for residents in Fairlight & Warringah. Speak with us to find out if you are eligible for the child care subsidy.

Beautiful Spaces

Our learning environments are second to none. Enrol your child at Little Lane Manly and they will be absorbed in a special community that boasts a purpose built facility that is great for growth and play. Our children all enjoy spacious outdoor areas and delightful indoor rooms that encourage varied forms of learning. 

Combine our passionate carers with a stimulating environment and you are sure to have a quality preschool. We love working alongside children and trust that your kids will love spending time with us too. Contact our team for further information regarding our preschool services as well as casual day-care in Manly.

National Quality Framework

The NQF introduced a new quality standard in 2012 to improve education and care across long day care, family day care, preschool/kindergarten, and outside school hours care services. 

The NQF includes:

Benefits for Children & Families

Research shows quality education and care early in life leads to better health, education and employment outcomes later in life. The early years are critical for establishing self-esteem, resilience, healthy growth and capacity to learn. Quality education and care shapes every child’s future and lays the foundation for development and learning. Starting Blocks provides parents with information about early childhood education and care to help them make the best choice for their child and family.

The major benefits for parents and children include:

Improved educator to child ratios, ensuring children have greater individual care and attention for children.

Better support for children’s learning and development through approved learning frameworks.

Consistent, transparent information on educators, providers and services in the national registers.

“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.”